What sizes are bubbleballs?

BBA bubbleballs come in 3 sizes

Small – This lightweight pingpong of bubbleballs is best suited for the Robin of the group. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice protection to be lightweight and have easy maneuverability on the field. These are best used with bubbleboppers (players ages 10 to 13).

Medium – This all-around champion carries himself as the Batman of the group, bringing bubbletastic impacts. Being the brains of the operations, timed bubblebumps with acrobatics are essential. Great for older teens and adults.

Large – There is nothing that can withstand the wrath of this tank. Built off the characteristics of Bane, bubblecrushing all in their path is just the start of this beast’s potential. It will take a squad of Maniac Mediums to stand a chance in facing this monstrosity. Great for adults over 6 feet or with a little meat on the bones!

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