How do I clean and store bubbleballs?

For best maintenance and performance we recommend cleaning surface areas after each use to remove any stickiness and prevent mildew build up over time. We recommend cleaning bubbleballs while they’re still inflated; it’s much easier to wipe them off while they’re filled with air and they will dry more quickly. After deflating them, they can fit conveniently in our bubbleball carry bags as demonstrated by this video. We recommend storing bubbleballs in a dry, cool space. Storage bags are available in the BubbleBall Shop.

We suggest the following sprays:

Simple Green®Non-toxic and biodegradable all-purpose cleaner. Ideal for cleaning the Bubbleball surface after use.

Febreze® SportEliminates tough sports odors from sport equipment and apparel. Great for straps and handle fabric.

ANTI3®Disinfect deodorizing sports equipment spray to clean and disinfect

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