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“A magical new hybrid sport” – Sports Illustrated

“Sport of the future” – BuzzFeed


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Are you a runner or a baller? Do you shoot for the moon or land on the stars?

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No experience required. Co-ed.

Just bring your running, soccer, rugby or football skills and ability to catch, pass, bump, kick, chase or throw. Sign up to learn more about playing in a BBA bubbleball league near you.

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Safety & Proper Usage

Bubbleballs reduce risk of injury compared to other contact sports like football or hockey, but there is one simple rule that sometimes we see novice players not abiding by: Be the ball. Not above it!

That means make sure your head is well inside the bubbleball, at least 8 inches below the top surface so that if you roll over you are completely covered. Play responsibly and you’ll have a blast. Play irresponsibly and risk injury. Visit our safety page for more information.

Safety Tips

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