Job Description

Field and Events team members will take on one of the roles below:

a. Referee and Events Coordinator

  • Coordinators are the manager of all operations for the day.
  • They ensure that all equipment is transported to the venue, properly set up, enough team members are on hand, and all responsibilities are being handled properly.
  • They are the point person to handle any onsite customer service issues.
  • Coordinators are also in charge of greeting participants and giving a pre-game safety brief.
  • They are responsibilities for post-pack-down and take field notes from the team of any issues and areas for improvement.
  • They make sure that all equipment is cleaned and locked up properly, damaged equipment is properly tagged for future repair or replacement, and the inventory list is updated with any notes.
  • Coordinators are responsible for communicating and enforcing all rules.
  • Coordinators are also responsible for timekeeping.
  • Driver’s license required

b. Sideline Coordinator

  • Sideline coordinators assist sideline managers and shadow all their duties.
  • Sideline coordinators are often able to also handle photography and video recordings for participants if requested.
  • They can also act as promotional help by giving out materials and answering any questions other players or spectators may have.


  • Available to work part time on weekday mornings, afternoons or evenings as needed for events
  • A ‘can-do’ attitude and readiness to help customers when needed. Customer service experience preferred.
  • You have excellent communication skills, are sociable, highly dependable, energetic, self-motivated, fun loving, enthusiastic, resourceful and organized
  • Keen sports enthusiast and enjoys physically challenging outdoor activities
  • A native English speaker
  • A ‘can-do’ attitude and readiness to help teammates
  • Should not have a problem lifting sports equipment weighing more than 20-60lbs
  • Should be available in short notice
  • Able to reply emails and answer text messages within 2 hours of receiving them

Additional Information

  • This is a part time hourly position with a pay of $15-20 an hour which will be paid once a month

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