Modified versions of the field lines are depicted below to allow organizers to lay the bubbleball field on top of existing soccer or football fields.

The simplest overlay on a soccer field simply extends a line across the 6 yard box reducing the width of the star zone. It also doesn’t require the two end pockets used in advanced game play as seen above. This layout is perfect for anyone wanting to give BBA bubbleball a go on a soccer pitch with just the use of some disc cones. You can also draw the star line further out from the 6 yard box at the 10 yard mark.

Adding the two end pockets gives runners the opportunity to tap the game ball with their hands before they reach the star zone.

Laying out bubbleball on a football field is very easy as it just requires the 3 pockets since the end zones (star zones) are already defined. Disc cones are great again if you don’t want to bring out the line paint.

If you’re thinking of painting a new multi-sport turf why not think about football, soccer and bubbleball together like this?

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