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Bubbleball Business Association certified and licensed operators are supported by America’s leading and original supplier of bubbleballs, Bubbleball Inc. The BBA® certification assures that your bubbleball supplier adheres to the strictest safety standards in the bubbleball industry with ongoing safety training, certification and program development.

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BBA® bubbleballs are the safest and highest quality products on the market.

Designed for maximum durability and safety, BBA® bubbleballs do not pose the same risks for players that generic bubbleballs carelessly create. Generic imitation bubbleballs are often described as loopyballs, bumper balls, zorb balls or knocker balls. These products do not use the same manufacturing, maintenance and repair procedures exclusively created by Bubbleball Inc. for BBA® equipment.

Conscious Community

The BBA takes environmental impact seriously and is the only bubbeball supplier in North America to offer a recycling program to certified partners and educational institutions. By using BBA equipment or renting from a BBA partner you join our conscious community and can rest assured that broken or worn out BBA bubbleballs will be recycled to reduce the carbon footprint of the bubbleball industry

Participants have reported the following experiences when using generic bubbleballs:


Lack of warning labels and instructions leading to injury

Discomfort and claustrophobia in poorly fitting products

Injuries to hands and fingers from hard handles

Poor visibility through foggy and scratched plastic

Tears and holes from low quality manufacturing leading to unusable equipment

Body chafing from poorly designed/fitted straps

The Difference Between BBA Certified Bubbleballs and Non-Certified Equipment

Knock-Off Bubbleballs

BBA® Bubbleballs

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