What makes Bubbleball Inc. equipment different?

BBA ® bubbleballs are exclusively designed and manufactured by Bubbleball Inc. and no other company. They are the gold standard in the industry due to our commitment and investment in supply chain management and high quality manufacturing processes.

We have incurred over $100,000 in R&D developing our equipment, and improving safety standards. We do not supply cheap products such as those sold by Walmart, Alibaba and other imitations. These suppliers do not maintain high product safety, comfort, or quality standards.

These are all examples of experiences of consumers we have spoken with when not using BBA ® bubbleballs.

  • Players feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic in poorly fitting products.
  • Hands are injured from unsafe handle design.
  • Heads bob out of bubbles due to poor product design, creating a huge risk and potentially serious injury to players.
  • Plastic gets foggy and scratch quickly, preventing usage.
  • Bubbles tear and are unrepairable due to poor stitching and gluing.

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