October 2, 2017

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February 1, 2019

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Where to play bubbleball?

February 21, 2017

Bubbleball games can be played indoors or outdoors. We recommend playing on grass, astroturf, or basketball courts. During the summer months, you will have more options including public parks. In some areas winter months can be slower which will create seasonality effects. Consider striking a partnership with facilities and start engaging with them months ahead. Read more…

It’s always a fun and fast moving day for any of our partners! Here are the responsibilities that you may undertake in a given day: Customer Service and Sales Providing speedy and sincere customers service is one of the most important part of your business and what will differentiate you. Giving the best customer service Read more…

We will start our training program as you sign up for the BBA! You will be provided helpful guides, documents, tutorial videos and live training sessions to help get your operation started. Our robust Partner Success Program will provide you with constant training and ongoing support while our proprietary management system helps us  track your success and identify potential Read more…

We recommend being in healthy shape as running around wearing a giant plastic bubble is more tiring than it looks! Players feel a little tired after getting knocked down a few times, so ensure they take regular breaks and stay hydrated. When players fall down while playing there are techniques to getting up quickly with Read more…

Each bubbleball can weigh anywhere between 10-20 lbs. When transporting more than 10 a hand cart is often useful but a team of 2 people can easily transport 10-20 balls without one too. To get to your game venue, you could transport the bubbleballs in your car, 4×4, van or trailer. Bubbleballs can be stored Read more…


March 4, 2017

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February 11, 2020

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