A day in the life of a BBA partner

It’s always a fun and fast moving day for any of our partners! Here are the responsibilities that you may undertake in a given day:

Customer Service and Sales

Providing speedy and sincere customers service is one of the most important part of your business and what will differentiate you. Giving the best customer service will ensure the retention of your clients for repeat business. This includes emails and phone calls to answer questions and sending estimates or invoices; or directing customers to use your online booking system. The volume of activity will depend on the advertising and business development investments you ultimately make to grow your business. In peek seasons you may receive 5-10 leads a day! It all depends on your market as well.


We offer a lot of support when it comes to marketing, including setting up and managing your Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords PPC campaigns based on your budget and designing proven landing pages and offers to attract prospects. While we’ll also provide you with marketing plans to get you started, keeping your plan fresh, creative and strategic is something you’ll always need to do to price, promote and position your products and services successfully.

Equipment Management

Without a bubbleball you’re just selling air! Like any type of athletic gear they need to be taken care of and used properly. After games you or your field team will need to give equipment a quick wiping down, checking for small holes, patching the holes (if there are any) and cleaning them for the next use. The more organized you are the more inventory you can manage, and the more opportunities you will create to serve more customers and larger regions.

Team Management

Running a successful operation requires an awesome team. You need a team to promote, sell, manage customers, source venues, prepare for and run the games. It is important to keep you and your team up to date with the latest tools in developing a successful operations. Whether it’s just 2 or even 10 of you, your team is going to help you make it or break it. We always recommend dividing your team up into sales and marketing (promoting and selling to the customer) and operations (delivering products and services). As an owner you should have experience in one of these areas and have a partner or employee handling the other.

Venue Sourcing

You’ll build relationships with venues and apply for permits on an ongoing basis to build your own list of venues that you can offer to customers at different price points and times of the year. To produce estimates you’ll need to check if venues are available for the dates requested by the customer. It’s not hard to do but sourcing of venues by you is one of the benefits customers do enjoy. You may however choose to have customers source their own venue and pay them directly, which can lead to a longer sales process, or no sale at all.


Of course all of the above eventually leads to the big day: The game itself! This is the most rewarding part of the job as you’ll see others laugh and having a great time thanks to all your hard work. From setting up for the game to running it smoothly, you will find this to be your biggest payoff. Aside from the additional income of course!

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