How will I be trained and supported by the BBA?

We will start our training program as you sign up for the BBA!

You will be provided helpful guides, documents, tutorial videos and live training sessions to help get your operation started. Our robust Partner Success Program will provide you with constant training and ongoing support while our proprietary management system helps us  track your success and identify potential areas of improvement.

At the BBA we strive to constantly improve the experiences, skills and knowledge of our partners. Upon joining the BBA, we do not drop you in the deep end and hope for the best;  you are provided access to our online support system, Partner Access, as well assigned a dedicated account manager to guide you through BBA Bubbleball operations and best practices. Partner Access has a wealth of knowledge and best practices to assist you in your development.

We also provide technical support for your online booking system, website, promotional materials and marketing, providing graphic and web design services.

We schedule monthly and quarterly calls as well.

The monthly calls are private, one-on-one, conversations that could last anywhere between 30-60 minutes. This allows us to understand your progress and discuss any recent challenges and/or major wins. Through these calls, we are able to better understand your needs and develop solutions to guide you in the right direction.

For the quarterly calls we expect participation from all our partners across the country. These 60-90 minute calls allow each partner to share their own helpful tips and experiences with each other. Our CEO uses these calls to provide his own updates and insights.

As a BBA member, you are also able to reach out to us via email or phone anytime if you have any questions or need assistance.

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