As a school, one of your many responsibilities is setting a good example for your students. BubbleBall helps you do this by demonstrating due diligence: the value of research prior to decision making. Even in the safe confines of a schoolhouse, failing to research something as crucial as protective equipment can have dire consequences.

While to many, bubbleball seems like a fun PE activity, there are real dangers inherent in inflatable innovation. As much as they are a vehicle of fun, not all companies care about producing the best bubble soccer balls on the market.

From day one, Bubbleball has surpassed the competition with its dedication to excellent customer service as well as customer experience. And we don’t deny that an integral part of that experience is surviving it.

The bubbleball promise is that, when wearing our balls, your head will never touch the floor. Should a bubbleball be punctured due to environmental factors, you will not fall prey to the popping sensation, whiplash, and shell shock that lower quality bubble suit wearers report. We promise the best bubble soccer balls. Period. 

As the original provider of bubbleballs to the United States, we can promise these things with confidence because we’ve tested them extensively and perfected them over our two years of operations. The quality of our product and the policies we enforce with their use have resulted in zero injuries or insurance rate hikes during our time in the bubble sphere. And we’ve run some pretty risk heavy endeavors:

Josh P. of runs a youth group of 600+ kids and bought 20 bubbleballs for fun and games.  Here’s what he has to say about his experience:

  •  “[Maxim] was very helpful and thorough in helping me fully know what my options were and what would best fit my needs… our service was spectacular.”

Don B. of Circle Ten Council (Boy Scouts) recently held an event with over 2,000 boy scouts playing BubbleBall for an entire weekend.

  • “We played with these bubbleballs for 10 hours straight and had a blast the whole time.”

And here are quotes from some of our players:

  • “Amazing!!! We had so much fun. The instructors were great and our group had a blast.”
  •  “It was really fun! There’s a good culture and energy surrounding the sport.”
  • “Awesome!! When we arrived at the park everything was set up and ready for us…”
  • “Overall we had a great time. Staff was very friendly and allowed us to get our full hour even though team members were late.”
  • “Full body workout.”

Practice what you preach. If safety is a concern for you and your campers, choose the best bubble soccer balls on the market: bubbleball. Check out our current packages for educational facilities on our bubbleball for schools page!

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