Want to really have a ball? How about being one? Now you can “be the ball,” like coaches have been telling you for years, in your own personal bubble football suit, more commonly referred to as a bubbleball.

What is a bubble football suit?

A bubble football suit is a wearable, bounceable, crash-able, full-body inflatable suit for playing bubble football (or bubble soccer), and any other sport you can dream up. Bubble football suits have an open space in the middle for your body, with shoulder straps behind and grip handles in front of you. They are most commonly around 1.5 meters (almost five feet) around, but can be as small as 1.2M or as large as 1.8m (3.9ft or 5.9ft).

Built from flexible, durable plastics such as PVC and TPU, bubble football suits have structural elements that keep the core centered inside the ball at all times – these can also be colored for team play. And since they’re transparent you can see who’s inside, what color team jersey they’re wearing, where you’re going, and also, the look on another player’s face just before you bounce off of him or her hard enough to send them rolling – and laughing.

Weighing roughly 10-15 pounds, every bubble football suit has a valve for filling and emptying – with a pump, they inflate and deflate in about two and a half minutes, and they stow easily in a medium duffel or gym bag. Made of plastic they are completely water resistant, but you probably want to give them a clean after use just like you would any sports product. Because that is what you do right?

Get your bubble football suit today for the ride of your life! Don’t be late to the ball. Buy a bubble football suit or inquire about renting them near you. There may be a rental partner in your area.

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