Bubble Soccer Rentals : The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Clothes On

All across the globe, people are discovering the wild, amusement park fun of bubble soccer (aka, bubbleball). Traditional games like soccer go off in a whole new direction when they are played inside a bubble soccer suit that not only protects you from collisions, but makes them a raucous part of the strategy of the game. Play as an individual, or bring a whole group!

Make Your Event Unique with a Bubble Soccer Rental

Birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, corporate outings for a reward or just for team-building, any time you have a few – or a bunch – of folks and want to have a great time crashing around and laughing like mad, bubble soccer rentals are guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve ever tried.

Simply visit one of our local partners for bubble soccer rentals, check in, slide the bubble down over, and bounce! We’re continuously expanding our bubble soccer rental partnerships so if we don’t have a location to rent near you sit tight!

Been There, Done That? Bubble Soccer Rentals from BubbleBall Inc.

Even the most jaded party warrior will be delighted and amazed by this completely new, revolutionary take on game play. Bubble soccer is like nothing you’ve ever seen, and something you and your companions will never forget. Don’t wait! Find out today why it’s sweeping the nation. Bubble soccer rentals are coming near you today!

See if there is a location near you to rent for bubble soccer.


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