Play With Purpose.
Play to Create.

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No league fees. Ballers Get Paid.

Start a team of 6 players and receive $250. That’s just the start!

Sport, Entertainment, Art & Technology

Building up to a regional BBA Bubble Cup, local Bubbles and Benefits events are high energy, short season, charity fundraising leagues showcasing newest bubbleball game rules and technologies.

Designed with intention to make it easy for beginners to learn to play bubbleball and for communities to participate in shaping the BBA.

Our Purpose

Support Bubbles And Benefits

Join us as players, coaches, brand partners, volunteers or fans to support teams as they play and challenge us all to think about our communities through sport.

Get Involved

How Do You Play? Think Outside the Bubble

Are you a runner or a baller? Do you shoot for the moon or land on the stars?

How to Play

Raise Awareness or Funds for Causes

Watch the magic unfold as the BBA, fans, players and our sponsors get behind you when you play to create vs just play to win.

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