BBA® bubbleballs are exclusively distributed by Bubbleball Inc. (Bubbleball Business Association, BBA) and no other company. No product has the same safety and durability standards. BBA® products are guaranteed and nothing like the products described below. See some main differences here.


Section 1: Buyers Beware of Cheap Chinese Suppliers and Other Knock Off Suppliers Marketing Themselves as “Official” Suppliers

Many brokers, dealers and small businesses, as well as trading companies from China have gotten in the business of selling poorly manufactured bubbleball equipment to uneducated consumers to capitalize on the sales opportunity. These products are sometimes promoted as bumper balls or loopy balls.  They may also be marketed as bubble balls but they are not our products. Typically these low quality products range in price from $75 to $199 per unit.

Since our inception in 2014 Bubbleball Inc. has tested dozens of these companies to weed out low quality traders, resellers and manufacturers. As a company we view this as an investment for our customers and the industry for the long term. In our due diligence we test poorly manufactured and distributed equipment, so that consumers are not be duped into purchasing products that seem high quality but ultimately just lead to a waste of money, high safety risks, and loss of consumer confidence. These products are not genuine Bubbleball Inc. bubbleballs which we brand as BBA® bubbleballs and/or which have our registered “BubbleBall” or “BB” trademark on them.

Chinese companies will post fake pictures of manufacturing plants, teams of people and fake certificates when they are merely an intermediary and often 1-2 two person company looking to take advantage of the excessive global demand. Small US businesses will often buy from these companies and resell to consumers and US businesses and municipalities, creating a system of ignorance and dissatisfaction.

These suppliers do not maintain high product safety, comfort, or quality standards.  They may “guarantee” their products and then charge you $60 just to ship a replacement for a defective product or you simply won’t hear back from them due to poor customer service.

Below are examples of the experiences of consumers we have spoken with when they have gone cheap and purchased without proper education.

  • Players feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic in poorly fitting products.
  • Hands are injured from unsafe handle design.
  • Heads bob out of bubbles due to poor product design, creating a huge risk and potentially serious injury to players.
  • Plastic gets foggy and scratch quickly, preventing usage.
  • Bubbles tear and are unrepairable due to poor stitching and gluing.

Our investment in supply chain management and high quality manufacturing processes allows us to offer the best warranties for products at Bubbleball Inc. and the Bubbleball Business Association. Genuine BBA bubbleballs range in price between $250-$400 depending on the size and type for this simple reason: we’re not out to burst your bubble!

For more information please inquire here.

Section 2: For Your Own Safety and Financial Benefit. Do Not Waste Your Money on the Walmart Bubble Ball

Since mid 2016 Walmart has been sourcing low quality products from a manufacturer as demonstrated by the poor reviews of Walmart bubble ball on their webpage. The products advertised as a “Bubble Ball” not a “bubbleball” and sold for about $49 each are generic and with no brand name associated with them. We are highly disappointed in Walmart’s decision to source low quality products and to sell them to consumers. In addition, Walmart apparently offers no refunds on the product and simply tells customers to contact the manufacturer. This is exceptionally poor business practice and customer service in our opinion.

Customers mistake Bubbleball Inc. for the manufacturer and supplier of Walmart “bubble balls” because the colors Walmart has chosen are also the blue and orange standard colors of bubbleballs sold by Bubbleball Inc. which range in price per bubbleball at $250-$400.

From our research online and from reading the customer reviews on Walmart’s webpage, the “bubble balls” supplied to Walmart are by an overseas manufacturer called Magic Time. The only contact email we have been able to find for them is

At Bubbleball, Inc. we take pride in our high quality BBA bubbleball equipment used exclusively by the Bubbleball Business Association and we only sell them directly or through approved brokers to consumers, municipalities and businesses, not through any retail outlets.

Please contact Walmart or Magic Time to request your refund. If you wish to purchase a genuine BBA bubbleball from Bubbleball Inc. or any of our equipment please contact us.

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