What does my rental / lease include?

An approximate rental will include (varies from location to location):

  • 10 Bubbleballs
  • Soccer balls and Nets
  • 1 Referee and 1 Sideline Coordinator
  • 2 Pumps
  • 1 Generator
  • Transportation for equipment and crew to venue
  • Field/gym rental
  • Ten to fifteen minutes would be allocated for signing of waivers and safety briefing after which the game will commence

An approximate lease will include (varies from location to location):

  • Bubbleballs = quantities will vary based on request
  • 1 pump for every 4 Bubbleballs. (Up to 2 pumps)
  • Bags to transport the Bubbleball easily
  • A Bubbleball manual with safety instructions and list of games
  • Soccer balls and Nets (add-on)
  • 1 Generator (add-on)

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