How do I clean and store bubbleballs?

For Cleaning

For best maintenance and performance we recommend cleaning surface areas after each use to remove any stickiness and prevent mildew build up over time. However you may choose to clean after every several uses.

We recommend cleaning bubbleballs while they’re still inflated; it’s much easier to wipe them off and dry them while they’re filled with air.

We suggest the following sprays and cleaners:

Simple GreenNon-toxic and biodegradable all-purpose cleaner. Ideal for cleaning the bubbleball surface after use. This solution should be diluted to about 1 part Simple Green, 8 parts water otherwise it will get too soapy. You just need a little to clean the dirt.

Microfiber Mitts: These mitts are the best for cleaning and drying and don’t leave streaks or cloth material

Novus Plastic Polishes: The polishes work well to fill and remove small scratches which cause fogginess on bubbleballs and also to prevent balls from scratching in the first place. You’d only use this once or twice a year.

Clear GearEliminates tough sports odors from sport equipment and apparel. Great for straps and handle fabric after extended use.

For Storage

For storage bubbleballs can either be rolled up and and fit in bubbleball storage bags as demonstrated by this video, or you can simply flatten them like pancakes, fold them into half (small/medium) or in three (large), stack them and cover them with a tarp. We recommend storing bubbleballs in a dry space and not in the cold or freezing temperatures which can harden plastic.

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