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Safety. Comfort. Experience.

As a Bubbleball Business Association certified and licensed operator, BBA partners use the gold standard in equipment. BBA partners are the regional providers of BBA® bubbleballs which are the genuine, safest and highest quality bubbleballs on the market. In addition all partners are backed by BBA’s ongoing safety training and certification.

Designed for maximum durability and safety, BBA® bubbleballs do not pose the same risks for players that generic bubbleballs carelessly create. Generic imitation bubbleballs are often described as loopyballs, bumper balls, zorb balls or knocker balls. These products do not use the same manufacturing, maintenance and repair procedures exclusively created by Bubbleball Inc. for BBA® equipment.

Below are examples of the experiences of consumers we have spoken with when they have not used certified BBA equipment

  • Players feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic in poorly fitting products.
  • Hands are injured from unsafe handle design.
  • Heads bob out of bubbles due to poor product design, creating a huge risk and potentially serious injury to players.
  • Bubbles tear more easily creating more safety risks for participants

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