A human bubble ball (more commonly referred to as a ‘bubbleball’) is a full-body inflatable suit for playing bubbleball and other games.

A Human Bubble Ball is Like Wearing a Personal Shield

Human bubble balls have an open space in the middle for your body, with shoulder straps behind and grip handles in front of you. Roughly five feet around, they leave your legs free, so you can run.

Picture, if you will, being inside a soap bubble. Now imagine that soap bubble is made of durable, flexible plastic. Now, imagine you’re standing on a green field, surrounded by other people, your friends or co-workers, all inside their own safe, bouncy soap bubbles.

Can you see them?

One of them has the soccer ball, he’s going to get past you and score. You’re not going to let that happen, are you? Not when you know you can run into him as hard as you can, knock him down, and take away the ball without anyone getting hurt.

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There’s No “Flopping” in a Human Bubble Ball

Players roll with the punches. Literally, roll, inside a personal shield.

Then you get up, you go after that ball, and you take out your opponent, because he’d do the same to you.

After all, what are friends for?

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