The Business Model of BBA Partners

In addition to all the benefits provided to BBA Partners and operational revenue streams below, these members can also earn passive income and own an asset that appreciates over time as the BBA grows, allowing them to resell their territory license and business for a profit.

While BBA Certified and Affiliate members earn income primarily from rental operations, BBA Partners can generate revenue from many sources and receive our highest level of support.

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How BBA Partners Generate Long Term Value

License Resale

Partners who prefer to not to operate a business but see the long term value being unlocked in the BBA can simply purchase the license for a territory, hold on in order to it to resell it at a future date for profit. E.g. Region X sells for $2,000/year and partner holds it for 5 years (a total investment of $10,000). The Partner sells the territory for a one time fee of $20,000  (200% ROI or 15% IRR). The new licensee then continues to pay the ongoing licensing fees at that time.

How BBA Partners Generate Cashflow

Partners who elect to operate a business can generate income in multiple ways:

Equipment Rentals

Offer small event services for corporate clients, school/universities, youth groups


Receive 50% commission off annual BBA dues for any BBA members joining

Sales of Equipment

Receive 10% commission for any referred sales nationwide


Recoup your own insurance costs by insuring members in your territory and charging them what you’d like


Get regional corporate clients to sponsor bigger events, fundraisers or equipment. See examples

BBA Tournaments Subsidies

Once your region is developed, the BBA will pay partners to oversee tournaments in the region

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Regional Development

Each state has multiple regions. Each region has only 1 Partner who can decide how many Affiliates to set up. We take care of the rest!

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How Much Can I Make?

A detailed breakdown of what income and expenses could look like as a BBA Partner.

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