The big business of bba tournaments

Single day beginners tournaments are each partner’s pathway to unlock more value with $3,000 paid by the BBA to you for each event. 

Receive $3,000 in sponsorships from us for every event

What do Partners Do?

You will scout for players from your rental operations and actively recruit teams through field marketing.

4 teams of 8-16 people aged 18-30 with moderate to advanced athletic ability. Small to medium builds are best suited for game play. Soccer players and existing teams are ideal recruits.

You will store equipment as you do for rentals and set up everything for game day.

Additional equipment is necessary to run BBA tournaments ranging from branded field signage to accessories for players. Budget about $3,000 for the startup of your tournament equipment.

You will select the field to host your tournament. A grass or turf field as large as a soccer or football field is required, where you are permitted to paint temporary lines.

You will hire and pay your local operations team to host, referee, score keep, set up and pack down for your tournament.

A team of 3 referees and 1 sideline coordinators. Paid or volunteer. 

You will partner with local bars, restaurants and caterers to provide food and beverage on the field

You can sell additional local sponsorships for $ or in kind exchanges and manage the relationship and needs of the sponsor to achieve their objectives.

What does the BBA do?

We will support you with all uniform design, digital media and technology needs to allow for promotion, sign ups, payments, player engagement, sponsorship sales and statistics.

We will source and provide all equipment necessary for tournaments at lowest cost.

With a dedicated account manager present at your first tournament we will fully train you to set up and run BBA bubbleball tournaments.

We will source local videographers or send in our own videographers to film your tournaments and do all post production for social media and advertising content.

We develop the broader strategy for how local tournaments play into larger scale events and competitions in order to develop revenue streams for all stakeholders

We will work with you to secure and service local sponsors or sponsors from our regional and national accounts. 

We will also provide sponsorship $ for tournaments.

What does a typical tournament day look like

With 4 teams per event, each team plays 2 games and a possible 3rd game in the finals. 

8:00am Setup
10:00am Game 1
11:00am Game 2
12:00pm Game 3
1:00pm Game 4
2:00pm Lunch
3:00pm Finals
4:00pm Medal/prize ceremony
5:00pm Breakdown
6:00pm Social event at sponsor bar (optional)


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