If you want to get in front of active, creative, & collaborative millennials, engaged in social impact through fun and fitness, let’s talk.

Our Purpose Press Release

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Why Partner With a Regional Bubbles and Benefits League?

Create engagement with your brand, attract new prospects, and re-engage your customers and community in an innovative and entertaining way. All while delivering your message.

Support your image as a company that …

  • Values diversity, social inclusion and equal opportunities
  • Supports health and wellness initiatives
  • Engages and gives back to your community
  • Values fitness and fun
  • Fosters team building
  • Supports entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Thinks big and thinks different

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Benefit From Enhanced Brand Image & Social Good

Various partnership levels available and customizable to align with marketing and corporate social responsibility objectives.

Receive Engaging Exposure and Digital Content

Regional and national, short term and long term opportunities available. Our events are combined with high quality video production, live streaming, and pre/post-event marketing and PR.


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Our Audience

Who plays BBA bubbleball?

  • Millennials and post-millenials aged 18-40
  • Females and male
  • Passionate about collaborative fitness and joyful fun
  • High income families

Who watches BBA bubbleball? What is the reach?

  • 50,000 + digital media impressions per regional league
  • 100-300 event participants
  • 50,000 + mailing list subscribers
  • 1,000 + rental participants per year in each region

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