There’s a new game in town: bubble soccer (aka. bubbleball). Played much like classic soccer, on the same field, it has one major difference that transforms it completely: the bubbleball. Entertaining to watch, and hilariously fun to play: bubble soccer is the most action-packed, entertaining, delightful to watch, safest version of soccer the world has ever seen! Take one part soccer, one part pillowfight, one part vaudeville slapstick comedy, mix well, and what you get is in the video below.

Bubble Soccer with BubbleBall Inc.

As a member of the Bubbleball Inc. approved partner network, our staff is equipped with the highest quality products and training to make your experience safe and fun.

Who Plays Bubble Soccer?

People who play soccer all the time find bubble soccer a fun variation on a game they love, pushing them to develop new strategies for passing and scoring, and those who have never played soccer before relish a game that is a combination of bumper cars, pillow fighting, and sumo wrestling on a field with teams and a goal and a ball.

The game is especially popular as a company team-builder, for birthday parties and stags, and as an icebreaker at corporate retreats.

Bubble soccer in New York

The most fun you’ll ever have inside a bubbleball. Visit the BubbleBall Shop to purchase your own equipment and come play with us.

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