Every sports facility has their off season to mirror the sports they offer. During the off season, athletes typically relax and engage in other non-athletic hobbies. But many sports are now advocating maintaining fitness levels through engagement in less conventional sports. A mere endorsement from the pros is not motivation enough to get many recreational players moving. You need a sport worth playing. Enter bubbleball.

Largely regarded and implemented as an innovation in soccer equipment, bubbleballs represents the missing element to sports today as evidenced by the numbers:

  1. 0% mortality rate. Only 1 in 100 players report any injury at all.
  2. Bubbleball rentals are most popular among adults 25-34 followed closely by the young adult 18-24 – a population that contains most of today’s professional, aspiring, and recreational athletes. Not mention the younger 10-17 age group that love bubbleball for birthday parties.
  3. Interest in bubbleball from its first summer in the United States to the second rose 3400%

And it’s only just begun. A new piece of equipment merits a new sport entirely. It’s only a matter of time before the innovator athletes pick up the charge and take to the field. Isn’t it time we stopped telling athletes to imagine being the ball and let them actually, well, be it?

Your Sports Facility + BubbleBall = Profit. Learn more about how partnering with BubbleBall Inc. can bring hoards of people in to your facility in the off season.

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