You’ve seen them bounce. You’ve seen them play by bubble soccer rules. Now see bubbleballs in a code new sport. The central manners of bubbleball will entrance May 21st, 2016 in a Spring joining flog off that will go down in sports history. Companies from Queens to Brooklyn will intersect during East River Park to compete, startup opposite corporation, for a pretension of “Most Bubbly.” You can feel it in a air: this time is different. The stakes are higher. The balls, bouncier.

Some highlights of a new rules: bubbleball is played in quints, 5 intervals during that one hopes to measure some-more than one’s foe in sequence to win. Three out of a 5 quints contingency be won to obtain victory. If conjunction group achieves this within a 5 designated intervals, a compare deduction to remarkable death, mano a mano or, (as a box might be) bubbleball to bubbleball. But beware! The fifth quint is double a value, creation any play quintessential. For some-more information revisit bubbleball rules.

BubbleBall Inc. is rebellious a problem of reserve and mind injuries in athletes head-on, both by a bubbleballs themselves and by charity. In a U.S. alone, puncture departments news approximately 2.2 million Traumatic Brain Injury visits any year, heading to some-more than 280,000 hospitalizations. By donating to The Brain Trauma Foundation BubbleBall hopes to turn a loyal actor in a quarrel opposite mind mishap from sports. 100% of a donations done around a joining will account this cause.

The bubbleball league is live and spots are limited. Early birds will accept 10% off registration until Mar 31st though teams are suggested to convene fast – usually 8 will contest for a pretension of Most Bubbly and with one group of giveaway agents (25 people signing adult during $99 a piece) a foe is certain to be fierce, as good as funny. Rosters are smallest 12 and capped during 25 people. League games are scheduled for any other Saturday from 6-8pm in East River Park. Best bend up, folks. It’s going to be a bubbly ride.

About Bubbleball Inc.
Bubbleball Inc. (“BubbleBall”) is the leading U.S. distributor of inflatable bubbleballs and associated products. Determined to bring the joy and safety of bubbleball to the entire country, the company elevated a new industry with its U.S. launch in 2014. It ships products across the country via its online shop at and is currently developing a national network of highest quality operating partners.

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