BubbleBall recently teamed up with ZogSports and Bud Light to surprise some kickballers and test their #upforwhatever legitimacy. See the video of how BubbleBall and ZogSports put the bubbles in Bud Light… literally (as well as some less conventional ingredients like a Mariachi band and an Elvis Impersonator). Like Bud Light, one taste of bubbleball and the kickballers were hooked. You can see it on their faces – this ball is a transformative experience.

With over 20 partners across the US, many have speculated a US-wide championship is not far off. As leagues pop up across the country, New York is preparing to bounce off their league season with a singular competitive edge: a superteam christened at the first ever NYC BubbleBall Open – a single day tournament to be held August 9th on Roosevelt Island from 11am-6pm.

Sign ups are open for individual players and Head Bubbles In Charge (HBICs) who will draft them into potential superteams. For $25, those selected will be provided with a front row seat to the rise of BubbleBall Nation as well as bubbles to play in for the duration of the event. For the rest of BubbleBall Nation, BubbleBall will be livestreaming the event online so that everyone can participate in the spectacle.

Whether you’ve been itching to try on a bubble or whether you’ve been practicing since you first heard the word, signing up is free so you might as well. Are you up for whatever? Are you up for bubbleball? Sign up for the tournament at newyork.bubbleball.co and check out where to play bubbleball across the country.

About Bubbleball Inc.
Bubbleball Inc. (“BubbleBall”) is the leading U.S. distributor of inflatable bubbleballs and associated products. Determined to bring the joy and safety of bubbleball to the entire country, the company erected a new industry with its U.S. launch in 2014. It ships products across the U.S. via its online shop at shop.bubbleball.us and is currently developing a national network of highest quality operating partners.

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