5 Reasons You Need To Book BubbleBall For Your Next Event

October 18, 2017

BubbleBall Rochester is the perfect recreational solution for your next event in Rochester, MN!

Ever heard of BubbleBall? Well, if you’re a user of social media, you probably have. Whether you saw a random group playing BubbleSoccer, saw a rodeo halftime show including a BubbleBall and a bull, or you saw BubbleBall on ice…it’s all the same – a fun way to get active and have some fun.

BubbleBall is a recreational game that allows players to play full-contact sports while being protected from totally-safe PVC inflatable spheres. It’s a blast! You can play a variety of games from bubble soccer to royal rumble and sumo smash. There are countless ideas for your next event in Rochester, MN or the surrounding areas…we can do it all!

Not convinced? Well, here are 5 reasons to consider BubbleBall Rochester for your next event in Southeast Minnesota!

  1. It’s a great way to get active.
    Let’s face it – it’s hard to get to the gym. Finding the motivation to get active isn’t always easy. But, what if someone told you that you could get active while knocking (nicely) your friends to the ground? You’ll run around, laugh a ton, and be active without even trying…it’s the perfect way to get some exercise without the hassle!
  2. No skill required.
    Yep…you heard it right. Never played soccer before? No problem! With BubbleBall, you don’t have to know anything about the game to play it. We have refs that help walk you through the entire process, and you can learn as you go. Plus, even the best soccer players need to get used to wearing a BubbleBall – if you catch on faster than them, you’ll be at an advantage!
  1. You’re protected.
    When people hear the words “full-contact” flashbacks of NFL highlights or hockey game knockouts might ring a bell. Not with BubbleBall! You’re totally protected, safe and guarded from the blows of full-contact sports. You’ll bounce, roll and bump, but with no bruises. Isn’t that a relief?
  2. Ready for tricks?
    Yes, tricks! Flips, rolls, bounces…you name it. With BubbleBall, you can fool people into thinking you’re a professional stunt double – and it’s totally safe. Win-win!
  1. A great group event!
    Let’s face it. The stale, corporate party with chips and chatter is getting old. Why not spice up your next corporate event in Southeast Minnesota? It’s the perfect location and opportunity to have some fun with your coworkers – and even release some frustration! BubbleBall is the perfect corporate event for any group or any size. You might even get to go head-to-head with your boss!

So, we hope you’re convinced. BubbleBall is the perfect game for all occasions – birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, corporate events, fundraisers and more. We hope you’ll consider BubbleBall Rochester for your next event in Southeast Minnesota!

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