Why BubbleBall Is The Best Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Event in Rochester, MN!

October 18, 2017


Summer is the season of weddings. And where there’s a wedding, there’s often a Bachelor or Bachelorette party. But let’s face it – most of the traditional activities for Bachelor or Bachelorette parties have been done before. Not to bash these activities…they’re popular for a reason! But what if you could do something different for your big day?

…like BubbleBall!

BubbleBall is one of the best activities for a Bachelor or Bachelorette party in Rochester, MN, mostly because you will laugh the entire time. You’ll make memories with your crew that will last a lifetime and you’ll look great in the process. (Who doesn’t look good in a huge inflatable BubbleBall?!)

And don’t worry – there’s no skill required. BubbleBall normalizes the playing field of people with soccer or sports experience and people with none. It’s a new activity, a new feeling and a fun experience all in one – and it’s the perfect event for your big day. Here are a few benefits:

  1. It’s portable.
    No matter what your day entails, we can meet you (mostly) wherever the party is happening. In a large backyard, an area park or even a gym – it doesn’t matter! Don’t stress about showing up or traveling to us. We’ll come to you and bring the fun wherever you are!
  2. BYOB
    We’re not in a recreational facility, we’re on your turf. This means, you can BYOB (or soda) as a part of your BubbleBall fun!
  3. Our refs are awesome.
    Want to play bridal party vs. bride or groomsmen vs. groom? We got it covered. Our refs are fun, knowledgeable and will keep the party going with games that will give you the best of BubbleBall in a way that’s personalized to your group.

Interested in booking BubbleBall for your next Bachelor or Bachelorette party in Rochester, MN or across Southeast Minnesota? Contact us today at (507) 216-8004 or email us at info@bubbleballrochmn.com.

We can’t wait to make your bachelor party a day to remember!

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