Where To Play BubbleBall in Rochester, MN This Winter

December 29, 2017

Feeling the winter blues? Wondering what you can do to survive the frigid Minnesota temps? Look no further than BubbleBall Rochester!

If you thought BubbleBall was only an option for the summer months, think again. BubbleBall can be easily played indoors, either on turf or in a gym. It’s a ton of fun, too. You’ll laugh a lot while you create memories to last lifetime.

Need ideas on where to play this winter? Here are a few options:

  1. RCTC Fieldhouse
    Located at the RCTC campus Southeast Rochester, the RCTC Fieldhouse is a perfect place to play BubbleBall this winter. The turf will make you feel like you’re outside, and you’ll have a ton of space to get active and moving!Event idea: Grab your family or a group of 6-10 friends for a 1-hour pickup game. Losers buy lunch afterwards!Address: UCR Pkwy SE, Rochester, MN 55904
    Phone: (507) 285-7210
  1. Rochester Athletic Club
    Are you a member of the Rochester Athletic Club? We’ve loved running events at the RAC! The RAC has been the perfect spot for youth birthday parties. If your child (aged 14 and up) is having a birthday, consider booking BubbleBall! Afterwards, you can grab lunch upstairs and look at action shots of goals, flips and tricks!Event idea: BubbleBall at the RAC is perfect for birthday parties. Call us to reserve BubbleBall, call the RAC to reserve a gym, and you’re all set.Address: 3100 19th St NW, Rochester, MN 55901
    Phone: (507) 282-6000
  1. Soccer World
    Like the RCTC Fieldhouse, Soccer World offers a beautiful turf space that is outfitted just for soccer. The winter months are Soccer World’s prime time and many sports teams are staying in shape by practicing there over the winter. Take a night off and book BubbleBall to meet you before, during or after your practice. Give your team a night of fun – that still keeps them moving!Event idea: Book BubbleBall for your sports team practice indoors. We can come before, during or after your practice. Have each team member pitch in $10 and it becomes an affordable option everyone can enjoy. And if you think BubbleBall gives people a break…think again! It’s perfect for conditioning and building endurance – trust us!Address: 380 Woodlake Dr. SE, Rochester, MN 55904
    Phone: (507) 424-3018
  1. The YMCA
    Located near downtown Rochester, playing BubbleBall at the YMCA will give you a few gyms to choose from. We’ve done events here before and love the vibrant atmosphere with kids, families and adults coming in and out participating in various sports or types of physical activity. It’s the perfect spot for a BubbleBall event!Event idea: Ready to burn off steam with your coworkers? Get out of the office an hour early and meet us at the YMCA on a Friday afternoon. Bring a case of waters and your gym shoes. It’s the perfect excuse to leave work early while still bonding with your team!Address: 709 1st Ave, Rochester, MN 55902
    Phone: (507) 287-2260
  1. School Gyms
    If you’re a teacher or student, re-think your school gym as the perfect spot for a BubbleBall game. Better yet? Lower the bleachers and fire up the scoreboard. We’ve done tournaments in school gyms and it’s been a blast. Cheer on your team and score some bragging rights at school! You could even have a game between teachers – what’s more fun than that?Event idea: Use BubbleBall as an incentive or to spark up some excitement at school. Have a contest where students can play teachers, or the football team can play the basketball team. With just an hour in the gym, it will be a great addition to your yearbook – and to your student’s memories!

Ready to have some fun with BubbleBall?

BubbleBall Rochester is a great option to burn off steam, stay active and have fun with your friends, coworkers or students this winter. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t get active and move – contact us today and we’ll help you choose the place that’s best for you and your event! Pricing is based on length of event and number of players, but it would range about $10-20 per person…totally doable!

Get ready for some BubbleBall fun this winter…it’s the perfect option for entertainment in Rochester, MN!

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