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That Was Then ... This is Now

“A magical new hybrid sport”

“Sport of the future”

How We Got Here. 2014 - 2023

Founding Vision

Bubbleball Inc. is founded by Mahdad Taheri as the 2014 FIFA World Cup approaches to capitalize on media attention and early equipment distribution of bubbleballs around the world.

User generated videos produce tens of millions of impressions and sales of product validate interest in the activity. 

April 2014

Founding Team

Taheri puts the bubbleball idea into Blue Sky Labs, his innovation lab within his New York design agency, TVI.

The young team hustles to satisfy demand, rapidly prototype and set the long term vision. While overseeing client projects Bubbleball Inc. is spun off on April 15, 2014. 

April 2014

Thesis Studies

Taheri's Master's dissertation at NYU, "Critical Success Factors for Creating the Next Major American League Sport", shapes the company's long term roadmap as it attempts to evolve a nascent kids game into an athletic sport.

Dec 2014

Equipment Distribution

The company focuses on equipment distribution via sales, rentals and 65 licensed operators around the country as it continues research and development of the sports idea.

Aug 2017

BubbleBall rebrands to the BBA

The Bubbleball Business Association continues to focus on safety, long term vision and diligent operations to ensure rental operations, camps, schools and universities around the country operate safely.

BBA bubbleball differentiates from early game play. "Shoot for the moon. Land on the stars. Play to create." becomes the company's aspirational vision, embedded in its game rules and BBA logo.

Aug 2017

Game Rules Development

Game mechanics of other sports are broken down and BBA bubbleball is designed ground up. New York weather prevents play testing and development, spurring the move of the company to California.

View Game RulesDec 2017

San Diego Tournaments

Early tournaments across San Diego test rules and adoption by novice players. DICK'S sporting goods joins as a first sponsor along with FITAID beverages and Made in Nature snacks.


Q1 2019

Advisory Board Appointments

Seasoned advisors join our board to support our early stage development.

View Leadership TeamQ2 2019


Shut downs of parks and facilities flattens the company's revenue streams and eliminates the team. Operators around the country close doors to not incur insurance costs, creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs in local markets.


Where We're Going. 2024-2026

Fundraising Begins

With a new vision, a seed capital raise to support sponsorship sales, operations and media production over the next 3 years begins.

Request Pitch DeckQ4 2023

Recruiting Tournaments Begin

Recruiting events and tournaments in the San Diego area begin to attract players to try out and join the league's initial teams.

Pre-Register to PlayQ2 2024

Technology Development & Testing Begins

Technology integration into equipment and on field to allow for digital game play, fan engagement and livestreaming.

Q2 2024

League Operations Team Recruitment

League managers, referees, coordinators hired to form the BBA league operations team.

View OpeningsQ4 2024

Sponsored Tournaments

1st regional and strategic sponsors support quarterly tournaments and media production.

Become a Sponsor2025

Qualifying Tournament

A qualifying tournament moves 4 teams and the best players to play in the championships BBA Bubble Cup in 2026

Q1 2026

The 1st BBA Bubble Cup

Our largest event to date, livestreamed and recorded as we enter the FIFA World Cup in the USA. A national PR push to get the nation's attention and attract our next stage of investors and sponsors.

Q2 2026

Begin Constitution, Bylaws and Team Operations Agreements

Legal ownership agreements of the league and franchise teams prepared. Team rights sold to new owners. Next phase of development goes into planning.

Q4 2026 +

Be a Supporter

Become a BBA Supporter Group member to receive community invitations to VIP events, merchandise discounts,  access to exclusive content, digital asset ownership opportunities, and to get involved with the development of the BBA. 

Anybody, in any country, may become a supporter group member, provided memberships are still available during the current provision period.

Friends, family and fans are the community that the BBA gets support from to help fund new initiatives.

To support the launch of the BBA’s original 8 teams and the 1st BBA Bubble Cup in 2026, the league is provisioning limited memberships.

Bronze: < $50

  • 1 vote for decisions the league requests input on
  • Invitations to social events and job opportunities

Silver Level: $50 – $99

  • All Silver Level benefits PLUS …
  • Access to members only forums and content
  • 15% off purchases and rentals of bubbleballs (via participating locations)
  • 1st access to digital game play (once available)

Gold Level: $100 +

  • All Bronze Level benefits PLUS …
  • 1st invites to The BBA Bubble Cup in 2026
  • 1st invites to new BBA league and team investment opportunities
  • BBA Swag
$75 of $5,000 raised from 2 supporters

1,998 Supporter Group spots remaining

Lastest Supporter:

Taheri Family supported 12/01/2023

Own a Territory

Become a BBA Partner that owns exclusive rights to regions around the USA for community rental operations. Own the rights as an investor to resell and/or to own and operate as a family business.

Territory licensees grant members the status of BBA Partner and exclusive territory rights for community rentals of bubbleball. 

Licensees may choose to simply hold the license as an asset for future resale or to operate rentals under the license. 

Visit our territory pricing page for more information and schedule a call with us to confirm availability

Own a Team

Be a Founding Family that helps get the BBA off the ground in exchange for ownership rights. Flip your investment as the BBA gets more exposure or hold on to it and reinvest in building your dream team.

Invest in the League

Own a piece of the league’s parent company, Bubbleball Inc. as a long term investment to mix up your portfolio with a little sports, media, and entertainment magic.

Invest via our crowdfunding campaigns (min $200) or as an angel investor (min $25,000).

Intention: Many sports are quite serious. While we believe competition is necessary to challenge athletes, joy and “playing to create” is the intention of the BBA. Delivering it is our promise.

Depth: Game rules incorporate mechanics of soccer, flag football, and rugby, and draw players from these backgrounds and different skill sets to participate.

Connection: As people move more often, breaking ties and local identities, they still maintain their values. Divisions of the BBA league are themed around universal human values vs geographic regions. Team identities are aligned within each division, and members play to create opportunities and awareness around the team’s causes, allowing fans from anywhere in the world to feel a deeper sense of connection and purpose as they watch games.

Balance: Scoring and periods structures are designed to balance teams and create entertaining match ups and keep fans watching until the end, preventing runaway games by better teams.

Safety: While still providing the excitement of contact sports, the bubbleball reduces risk of injury and concussions prevalent in other contacts sports.

Reach: Game rules are being designed with the vision of integration of technology that allows fans at home to be live digital players and able to control the game outcome – not just to be a spectator, but a participant in games. A single match could potentially be watched and played by millions of people.

The BBA is owned by its Founder/CEO, Mahdad Taheri, private investors, advisors and employees.

The BBA is funded by private investors, community sponsors and individual member contributions.

Revenues from equipment sales, licensing, rentals also support operations while the company builds its longer terms sponsorship, broadcasting, digital media, ticketing and merchandising revenue streams.

Health Division

Education Division

Environment Division

Human Rights Division

Team 1 - Cure
Team 5 - Expansion Team
Team 9 - Expansion Team
Team 13 - Expansion Team
Names under consideration
The Cure
Selfies United
Healers B.C.
The Moderators
The Energizers
The Monitors
Wellness United
The Care Bears
Team 2 - TBD
Team 6 - Expansion Team
Team 10 - Expansion Team
Team 14 - Expansion Team
Names under consideration
The A Team
The Neuros
The Future
Scholars B.C.
Students United
The Omniscient
The Artists
Mindset B.C.
Team 3 - Suns
Team 7 - Expansion Team
Team 11 - Expansion Team
Team 15 - Expansion Team
Names under consideration
The Caretakers
The Wild
Guardians B.C.
Defenders United
The Eliminators
The Suns
The Orbitals
The Bloomers
Team 4 - Pioneers
Team 8 - Expansion Team
Team 12 - Expansion Team
Team 16 - Expansion Team
Names under consideration
The Pioneers
The Acceptors
The Advocates
Fighters B.C.
Lovers United
The Equalizers
Unity B.C.
Rise B.C.

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