Zorb Soccer (better known as “bubbleball” in the US)

There’s a new game in town: zorb soccer (“aka bubbleball”). Hilarious to play or watch, it’s good exercise, and it’s one of the safest sports there is. Played much like classic soccer, on the same field, it has one major difference that transforms it completely.

Zorb Soccer : Too Fun

People who play soccer find zorb soccer a fun variation on a game they love, pushing them to develop new strategies for passing and scoring, and those who have never played soccer before relish a game that is a combination of bumper cars, pillow fighting, and sumo wrestling on a field with teams and a goal and a ball.

The game is especially popular as a company team-builder, and as an icebreaker at corporate retreats It gets everyone laughing, and vents tensions in a positive, enjoyable way.

Zorb Soccer

The most fun you’ll ever have inside a giant inflatable ball. Inquire today to buy bubbleballs for your next zorb soccer event.

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